Some features of our front end service


Wide range of inputs

Ensure that the right things are inserted in each field. From texts, numbers, mails, countries, cities, states, to currencies, customize your fields to meet the purpose of your data.


Clone Projects

Easily clone projects in the interface and create copy workspaces between projects.


User management

Get to decide how your back office is used or worked on with the right management tools and functions. Set down the rules for your group and witness more productivity.

why alttap?

Alttap is suitable for many kinds of SQL / No SQL databases like Postgres, MSSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, SQLite3, Oracle, and Amazon Redshift, with the right UI builder you will be able to build your perfect back-office for your own needs


Set-up your own content staging workflow. To run a reliable production environment it is crucial to define different stages to test your content before it goes live.

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Exciting UI builder

No need to take extra periods learning your way through our online tool. This UI builder has been made with an aesthetically pleasing, straightforward UI to make your creation process super fast and easy. Regardless of how complex you want your form to be, with just a few clicks and insertions, your back-office is ready for use!

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From arranging your field elements like the column to fit your demands to validating some specific fields in your table, our table builder application provides you with all you need to create the perfect back office for any needs you have in your workspace through a fast and smooth process.

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